At GA Pet Food Partners, we make and deliver the world’s finest pet food. Why not put your name on it?

At GA Pet Food Partners, we make and deliver the world’s finest pet food. Why not put your name on it?

Welcome to GA Pet Food Partners, where we make and deliver the world’s finest pet food, providing private label pet food opportunities for partners across the globe.

Sourcing our fresh meats from farms and fisheries that we know and trust ensures full traceability. We then use our unique Freshtrusion™ process to gently cook the meats in our state of the art Meat Kitchen. This ensures that we create the most nutritious and highly palatable meats to be used in our pet food kibbles.

We are the perfect partner ready to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs with industry-leading technology and decades of expertise.

Whatever your size or ambition, we provide you with the opportunity to have your own brand of the world’s finest pet food. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Contact GA Pet Food Partners by clicking here.



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Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of GA Pet Food Partners. Discover our world-leading facilities, meet some of our expert colleagues, and learn how we produce the world’s finest private-label pet food.


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The Knowledge Centre has been created to provide a platform that delivers the latest pet food insights provided by a team of experts.

Created for anybody who is interested in the pet food industry, from dog and cat lovers to pet owners, pet shop owners or pet brand owners.


Life At GA

GA Pet Food Partners is a family-owned and family-run business. Every colleague is seen as an extension of the family.

To reward all their hard work, GA has committed to enriching our colleagues’ lives. Find out what life is like at GA.

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Our Colleagues health and wellbeing is paramount to us. We have numerous activities and events throughout the year including Family Fun Days

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You could be offering your customers the world’s finest pet food, made with 30 years of experience in nutrition, formulations, R&D and expertise.

Whatever your size, from start-ups to independent pet shops through to multi-national organisations, we have a route for you. You can start your own brand of private label pet food from just one bag!

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True to GA Pet Food Partners core values, it was decided that we would invest significantly in technology that would provide our private label pet food partners with unique positioning and selling opportunities and, crucially, provide pets with a diet rich in nutrients using freshly prepared ingredients. The result of this ambition was “Freshtrusion”.

However, Freshtrusion is more than a process; it’s a journey. Find out how Freshtrusion sets your pet food above and beyond the competition.

Discover more about Freshtrusion®
Freshtrusion™ is more than a process; it's a journey. Find out how Freshtrusion™ sets your private label pet food above and beyond the competition.

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