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At GA Pet Food Partners, we design, manufacture, pack, store and distribute the finest quality own label dry pet food for a wide range of companies. From established online businesses and independent pet shops to multi-national and blue-chip organisations, whatever your size GA welcomes all partners.

By simply choosing a route below you can use our expertise to help deliver your success.

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Slide Route 1: MyLabel Minimum Order Quantity 1x Bag Recipe Options Choose from a wide selection of recipes Packaging Options Receive the packaging for your range Design Options Choose from hundreds of customisable label designs Ingredients Selected ingredients tailored to your range Lead Time The fastest option to launch your brand in to the market Find out more about the MyLabel route by clicking on the button below Choose MyLabel Route 2: MyBrand Minimum Order Quantity 1x Pallet per SKU, 3x per year Recipe Options Choose from a wide variety of recipes including an exclusive MyBrand selection Packaging Options Choose your own packaging option Design Options Design your own branded label or a fully printed bag Ingredients Additional ingredients for exclusive MyBrand recipes Lead Time As with all projects, the faster the preparation, the faster we can launch your brand into the market Find out more about the MyBrand route by clicking on the button below Choose MyBrand Route 3: MyBespoke Minimum Order Quantity 5x Tonnes Recipe Options Work with our world-leading team of Nutritionists and our R&D department to create a bespoke recipe for your brand Packaging Options Create bespoke packaging Design Options Design and produce your own bespoke label or bag Ingredients Extensive choice of ingredients to create your bespoke recipe Lead Time Bespoke formulations and production will take more time than MyLabel or MyBrand but being unique in the market will bring its own set of rewards Find out more about the MyBespoke route by clicking on the button below Choose MyBespoke