Export & Logistics 400,000 sq. ft. Distribution Centre One bag to multiple containers Export to over 50 countries worldwide MyBox Delivery Export & Logistics 400,000 sq.ft. Distribution Centre One bag to multiple containers Export to over 50 countries worldwide MyBox Delivery Export & Logistics 400,000 sq.ft. Distribution Centre One bag to multiple containers Export to over 50 countries worldwide MyBox Delivery

With a 400,000 sq. ft. distribution centre, GA can easily store and distribute your pet food in any quantity to any destination.

Many pet food brands are so well integrated with GA that they have enjoyed considerable savings, partners don’t need to invest in their own storage or commercial property.

Many of our partners don’t even handle their stock, so the first time they see their food is when it is on sale in a pet shop. This means that by partnering with GA, our partners can operate a very lean business, focusing on their sales and marketing operations whilst keeping their overheads to a minimum.

Storage of finished goods is often a major issue for brand owners, particularly for new businesses or when timed deliveries are required. The new GA distribution centre offers GA partners even greater flexibility with a dedicated 400,000 sq. ft. modern unit with direct motorway links to both the M61 and M6. The 28,000 pallet storage facility utilises a computer-controlled stock system linking both manufacturing and distribution. This unique system ensures full traceability of every product.

Slide We export to over 50 countries worldwide

Slide Global Exporting We understand how challenging global exporting can be. That’s why we provide you with dedicated multi-lingual experts who will manage the necessary export certifications for you. You will be given the unique opportunity to gain access to a wealth of global connections to grow your brand throughout the world. You can always speak to somebody in your native language. With a multi-national team from all over the world, you can expect to be provided with a professional service.

We have dedicated in-house Account Managers and Field Account Managers for a wide variety of countries around the world, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Japan, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. Our Account Managers are fluent native speakers of their respective languages and will work with you to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

Distribution Centre Facts

  • 28,000 pallets

    The approximate number the distribution centre can hold at any one time

  • Two million bags of pet food

    The approximate capacity of our Distribution Centres.

  • 10.2 metres

    The height of our top beam of our racking. Our fork lifts use cameras to guide the driver to the correct positioning.

  • 20,000

    20,000 labels printed per week

  • 40 loading bays.

    36 loading bays with dock levellers and 4 loading bays for groupage and side loads.

  • 58 aisles

    Our distribution centre has 58 aisles of stacking shelves.

  • 150 miles (241km)

    The average distance driven by each of our fork lifts every day around the distribution centre.

  • 200 Trucks

    The average number of trucks coming in to our distribution centre every week, including own deliveries.

  • We export to 50 countries

    Furthest north is Iceland, furthest east is Japan, furthest south is New Zealand and the furthest west is Guadeloupe.

  • 3000 Labels

    The average number of Partner labels applied each day in our Distribution Centre

  • Cleaner & Healthier.

    Our distribution centre uses electric forklifts to minimise noise and pollution. We have 10 Altet PLP200 ride on powered pump trucks, 5 Toyota RRE200 reach trucks and 4 Briggs Electric Countrebalance Fork lift trucks. All with battery exchange.

MyBox Delivery

Running a business is challenging and time is limited. At GA we strive to make your life easier by providing you with greater flexibility and more control. By using your online ordering system you will be able to place orders at a time that is convenient for you. MyBox Delivery is our fast and convenient service that allows you to order as little as one bag and send it to any destination of your choice, including direct to your customers’ doors*.

You control all the communication with your customer. They may approach you via phone, in-store or online however GA never speaks with your customer, nor does your box show any correspondence of it originating from GA.

*48-hour delivery is only available in the United Kingdom and the Republic Of Ireland.

Find Out More About MyBox Delivery

Colleague Spotlight: An Interview with Darren Swift

How long have you worked at GA?

Seventeen years so far, following careers in the Royal Corps of Signals and Her Majesties Prison Service. I started with GA in the mill on the packing line, then moved to the stores loading vehicles and general warehousing duties. I became the Site Manager of R2 Distribution Centre in April 2011 and D2 Distribution Centre in December 2016. The role can be very challenging at times but gives excellent job satisfaction, and I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team.

What are the major changes you have seen in terms of the warehouse/logistics investments and improvements?

The main change I have seen is the scale of the operation, from the early days of loading out of old buildings at Plocks Farm for a handful of customers, to the two purpose-built dedicated distribution centres to hundreds of customers all over the world. GA now has the flexibility and capacity to satisfy present and future Warehousing requirements for our Partners. There have also been significant changes in technology, and we now use some of the most advanced automation available.

Where do you see the growth and focus over the coming months/years?

MyBox Delivery is one area of the business that is ever-growing both at home and abroad. We have made a significant investment to ensure that we can cope with our partners’ growth and future needs. Expansion into markets in other countries is also an increasing potential, alongside developing existing domestic partners growth.

What are the key benefits that partners can get from our warehouse/logistics service?

With a full stock of product range of up to 28,000 pallets, we give our Partners peace of mind that they can order anything from 1 bag to multiple full loads that can be shipped to any destination worldwide. Regardless of whether the Partner is a small independent Pet Shop or a large multi-national company, we offer the same service levels of excellence to all.

Darren Swift

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Manager