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312, 2021

Energy Requirements of Puppies

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Providing the correct amount of food to meet the energy requirements of a puppy is important to help ensure a healthy growth rate and avoid underweight or overweight puppies. The amounts of food given in puppy feeding guides are calculated based on knowing the amount of energy (calories) required by a puppy and the calorie content of the food. This article summarises the findings of several studies that provide new information on the energy requirements of puppies, which GA has [...]

1911, 2021

Pet Food Trends to Watch

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The UK pet food industry is currently booming. Valued at a total of £3.2 billion, this presents a fantastic opportunity for pet food businesses to gain a market share. Interestingly, of the £3.2 billion, the dog food market accounted for £1.5 billion of that figure, and cat food equated to £1.2 billion (PFMA, 2021). The research also revealed there are an estimated 12.5 million dogs in the UK, equating to 33 per cent of all households. With another 12.2 million [...]

511, 2021

Insect Based Pet Food: What’s the buzz about?

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Suppliers to the human food industry are under increasing scrutiny to address growing consumer interest and sustainability demand while limiting environmental impact. In light of this, the pet food industry too must address the same issues – and the use of Insect Based Pet Food and proteins has been highlighted as a potential method to achieve this.Insect proteins have the potential to support a circular economy with the human food chain, as farmed insects can be reared on waste organic matter [...]

1510, 2021

Obesity in Pets: A Growing Concern

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Obesity is defined as excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk. Obesity in pets is now officially recognised as a disease by many pet health organisations. A survey amongst veterinary professionals confirmed that 51% of dogs and 44% of cats are overweight or obese highlighting that obesity is a growing concern (PFMA, 2018). Within the same survey 100% of the vets said they were concerned about the rise in obesity however research amongst 8000 households confirmed that 67% [...]

410, 2021

Pet Food Packaging Claims – What can I say?

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Why are Pet Food Packaging Claims important? Labels are the main form of communication between purchasers, feed business operators (FBOs) and enforcement authorities. The prime purpose of labels is to provide clear, accurate and honest information about a product that may facilitate the buying act of the purchaser. Product labels help communicate the product's characteristics and allow consumers to make informed choices on product suitability. This can be supported by claims that will enable differentiation between pet food products. [...]

1309, 2021

Building a Pet Food Brand with Social Media

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Social media is one of the most commonly used phrases in modern times. These platforms have become part of everyday life, with a staggering 4.48 billion social media users worldwide in July 2021, equating to 57% of the global population. This shows that social media now impacts all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. But how can you build a Pet Food Brand with Social Media? This article will focus on how social media can drive traffic for [...]

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